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"Jackson Physical Therapy is an incredibly safe and welcoming environment and I highly recommend it! I was nervous to do physical therapy for the first time but there was no need as they are very patient with everyone they see. They work with you and gauge your weaknesses and strengths and inform you of what areas need improvement and any changes that come. If you need a break or feel ill or in pain suddenly they'll monitor you and lessen your exercises if need be because they want you to be at your best so you can do your best. For those like myself who are gender nonconforming they'll use your pronouns and the name you'd like to be referred by with no issue. If I ever need to go through more physical therapy in the future I know I'll be well taken care of and taken seriously here."
Oct 12, 2023
"This is my 3rd experience utilizing PT. I have been going to the Henderson location for the past couple of months. When I arrived, I could barely walk without severe pain in my right knee and leg due to meniscus repair surgery and also sciatica pain since the surgery. From the very first appointment, I was extremely impressed with the care and concern of staff at this office. I went 3 times per week for awhile and then reduced to 2 times per week. Alfredo, Emily and Ace were excellent in their ability to recognize where my pain was and their application of different techniques to alleviate that pain for me. Most days I walked out of the office pain free. The pain would return but each week it would get a little better. All of the assistants were wonderful in assisting me with questions and concerns and documentation of my progress. The ladies at the front desk are always there with a smile and gracious welcome every time I arrived. Emily suggested Alfredo try dry needling for my sciatica pain and this is one therapy I will ALWAYS come back to! It was amazing what massive improvement I was able to experience with just a couple of sessions of this procedure. I want to THANK EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU IN THIS OFFICE FOR THE BEST EXPERIENCE I HAVE EVERY HAD IN AFTER-SURERY THERAPY!!! This is the place to go if you want the best treatment! "
Oct 11, 2023
"Sometimes you need a team to give you the push to break through the pain to get results. This cohesive team listened to my request to push harder and fast-tracked me to get me results. Equally important is having a friendly front office staff that handles all the mundane tasks and facilitates all the great service. The therapists are phenomenal but a great front office staff is what we patients tell our friends."
Sep 01, 2023
"Staff is very efficient "
Apr 14, 2023
"Great place to do therapy! The front desk gals Maria and Sam are awesome! The staff Patrick, Ray, Mellisa and Victoria are the best! They are friendly, knowledgable, and very caring. I would highly recommend this location. "
Apr 12, 2023
"The staff at the Southwest location including Theresa, Erica & Brittney were always professional and courteous. Great job Jackson PT."
Apr 06, 2023
"I feel like I am benefiting greatly from the therapy provided at the Henderson location. Staff is attentive, professional, and friendly. This begins with reception and is consistent throughout my sessions. I would highly recommend the Henderson location of Jackson Physical Therapy. "
Apr 06, 2023
"Amazing staff and friendly environment! Will absolutely recommend to friends and family or anyone I meet who is looking for therapy. "
Apr 05, 2023
"I have been coming now for a couple weeks pertaining to an issue with my shoulder and I find the staff including teresa, brittany, and Erica to be professional and courteous. Great job Jackson PT."
Apr 05, 2023
"Reviews I have been a PT patient in this facility for almost 3 years in and out and never had a problem with the staff. They are all very friendly, helpful, professional and everyone knows what they are doing. Last week and this morning, I had Michael worked on my troubled and painful hip issues. I wish to thank him for the wonderful and professional treatment he gave me. I wish I could mention all the names of the staff in this facility who are doing a fantastic job but I don’t want to miss any name. Hope they continue their best for the interest of all their patiens. In addition, I would like to mention how bright and clean the facility is??? Kudos to all the staff!!!"
Feb 16, 2023
"BEWARE-they require your social security number be written on their forms, and reject you as a client if you don’t provide. In todays world of ID theft…..this is very bad practice!!"
Dec 27, 2022
"From the moment we walked into the Centennial location of Jackson PT, my wife and I were treated extremely well. From Elizabeth, at the front desk, to the team in the back (Michael, Jon, Melissa, Raimund, & Bubbly Victoria) the service, treatment, and care given to both of us has been outstanding. Thank you. We would also like to express our sincerest gratitude to Jenna, the COO of Jackson PT and her assistant Melissa. The kindness they showed us is greatly appreciated. We wish everyone there a blessed Christmas and a wonderful and fruitful New Year."
Dec 16, 2022
"Easy to understand exercises with competent caring therapists. The whole Team including the Receptionists made this a positive experience as we made progress together towards pain reduction through exercises that continue on into a home regimen. Thank you for such an holistic experience. "
Jun 16, 2022
"I recently started PT at the Centennial Location. Nancy DeViese has been a Godsend. Always very professional and friendly. Nancy, as well as the entire staff, has always been friendly, helpful and so personable. It is as nice to find excellent and pleasant care as it is unusual in the current environment. It is great to let the stress and tension melt away for an hour while much of the pain eases. Thanks again for the great Service and Attitude."
Jun 08, 2022
"Amazing staff! I'm 61 and have been going to Jackson PT for a couple months since an accident. They listen and truly care about my situation. I like their philosophy about not doing exercises to the point it causes pain. Eric, Ken and Jenna are very kind and compassionate. I highly recommend! "
Jun 02, 2022
"The whole staff goes above and beyond for the patients. I like the energy as soon as I walk in, everyone is very friendly and professional. Joel goes above and beyond to make sure that I’m taken care of and very knowledgeable. "
Mar 30, 2022
"I’ve been coming here for the past 3 years…the people here are my family. Everyday they ask me how am I doing and I know they genuinely care. They are on point with my workouts and always lets me know ways of improvement. When my knees are giving me trouble, someone here gives me encouraging words. One thing I love is they know me by name and ask questions to get to know me better. This the place to be when you're trying to be 100 % after any injury. "
Mar 30, 2022
"Always recognize me and never leave me waiting. All staff are involved in the program and are there to provide helpful assistance. They knew their 'stuff' and make sure that I am always on track. Staff are courteous and friendly. Front office staff are organized and knowledgeable."
Mar 14, 2022
"What an amazing team! I would like to thank Carson & Destinie for being so welcoming every single visit. It’s always nice to see smiling faces especially when you’re in pain. So thank you ladies for all the warm welcomes. Heather is wonderful. I am so glad I saw her frequently during my PT. She really helped me progress, mentally and physically. Gia & Alyssa are so caring and sweet. It was always a pleasure seeing them both. They always took great care of me. Thank you Kenneth too! There are so many wonderful staff here. My appointments we’re always taken on time. They are organized and professional. I am highly pleased with my amazing care at Jackson Physical Therapy. "
Mar 12, 2022
"Went in for a pinched nerve in my shoulder. I was skeptical at first, but ended up having a great experience. From receptionists to PTAs and techs the staff was great. "
Mar 02, 2022
"Words can’t describe how amazing this place is! From the front desk with Ruby to the back in the gym and most importantly my therapist . I’ve had nothing but good experiences. I finally feel myself thanks to them! "
Mar 02, 2022
"A BIG heartfelt thank you to the staff at Jackson. After a few months of physical therapy, I feel like myself again. I appreciate the kindness, respect and patience of the staff. "
Oct 28, 2021
"The office staff is super friendly and quite competent, which is refreshing. Bart is my physical therapist and he is awesome! He practices reflective listening and let’s you know he understands your issue and cares about you. He explores different methods and your comfort level to come up with a plan that’s right for you. He has really helped my condition and hopefully I won’t have to consider more invasive options for quite some time. I definitely recommend this physical therapist office. "
Sep 15, 2021
"This office is awesome. Everyone is knowledgeable and caring about their patients. They truly care about patients getting better. "
Sep 15, 2021
"I have been going to this location for therapy and they have been the best. The staff is fabulous, patient, professional and really have helped with my overall health. I highly recommend these therapists for your aches and pains. They have been an absolute pleasure to work with. "
Sep 07, 2021
"Joel and the rest of the team are extremely professional and helpful. As soon as I walk in, within 5 minutes, I am in a room with a therapist. Very easy to get last minute appointments. The place is very clean and safe. I am glad I was referred to this clinic. "
Aug 31, 2021
"Wonderful customer service. Excelleng treatment. Shout out to Bart and his PTAs Sierra, Kenny, and Savanna. Also want to mentiom Destinae at the front desk always a joy. Special thank yous to Ray, Gia, and Alysa for always having the workout gym going and the hot towels ready."
Aug 31, 2021
"Joel and his team are fantastic! "
Aug 31, 2021
"I have just started my therapy here three weeks ago. I have found all the staff are friendly and accommodating and eager to help with all my exercises. No question is too small for them to answer. The facility is clean and the staff is always on top of cleaning equipment as soon as someone is finished with it. I have been here before when my husband had a back issue. I would recommend Jackson PT to anyone in need of physical therapy; I told my doctor he should too! In the short time I have been receiving therapy here I feel some improvement, with staff I know I will continue to do well here. Thanks to all!!!"
Aug 30, 2021
"I am someone who is not especially comfortable in new environments therefore, physical therapy can be uncomfortable for me. Joel is very nice and puts me at ease. Highly recommend it!"
Aug 27, 2021
"The entire staff at Jackson PT is fantastic! Joel Lapka evaluated me and set me on a path to recovery for my shoulder/neck injury, The PTAs and Techs are on top of everything. They are great listeners and make sure they offer me solutions to my concerns. Beautiful facility, it’s easy to schedule future appointments, and I like the text reminders of my upcoming appointments! "
Aug 26, 2021
"Best and friendly staff I had ever seen. They really work with you!!!"
Aug 24, 2021
"Jackson Physical Therapy in Southwest located in Las Vegas, NV straight down Durango is the best office throughout all of Las Vegas. The staff is amazing and friendly; they make everyone feel welcome. Thank you, Jackson Physical Therapy."
Aug 19, 2021
"I’ve been going here for a few months and thank goodness!! My PT, Joel, really cares and has made a big difference in my recovery. The front and back office staff are always very professional and friendly! This place truly cares about you and getting better. I was losing hope in getting better after my car accident in November 2020. Then I went here and it has definitely made a difference. I can’t recommend them enough!!! They are Life Savers!!!"
Aug 18, 2021
"Staff are friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and efficient. I'm greeted by name and they genuinely are engaged for my well-being and recovery."
Aug 18, 2021
"Been a patient since late May (2021). The Durango facility is clean and well cared for. The team takes sanitization between patients very seriously. The staff member I have worked with are helpful, supportive and friendly. They knew me after my second visit and have made me feel at home since. Big shout outs to Kolby, Marianne, Dru, Joel and especially Savanna. Thanks to all of you! My mobility has improved, and my back is not hurting like it did. "
Aug 13, 2021
"The entire staff here is so friendly and open! It’s easy to ask questions and communicate any problems I’m having. They don’t baby you either so you get to be in control of your recovery and they just guide you along. This place does an outstanding job with patient care and the environment is relaxing/peaceful. It’s something I look forward to after work 🙂 3 times a week pshh no problem !! Happy to be here "
Aug 06, 2021
"Jackson Physical Therapy is the best and I would recommend this place to everyone! All the staff are very friendly, helpful,, and professional. I want to thank Cierra for helping me, my shoulder feels much better . Cierra is an excellent PTA. To the gym staff Ray and Alyssa who work with you to attain your goals. Thank you both for helping me with exercise. To Destiny and Gia who greeted me with a smile. The facilities are very clean."
Aug 05, 2021
"Bart and his team are beyond awesome this is my second time I have been there. November after knee surgery most recent shoulder replacement surgery. From the therapy techs to therapists...kudos to Cierra for getting my shoulder back to normal even better and Ray for making sure I do all my exercises correctly. To everyone else who helped me in the process; you all are rock stars--thank you."
Aug 04, 2021
"Friendly professional and ultra caring and attentive staff. Facilities are super clean, and my physical state has gotten stronger almost every time I leave. Can’t say enough good about JPT. "
Aug 02, 2021
"Wonderful experience! Charles, Hazel, Mike, Danielle, and Michael are very good. I really enjoyed my sessions. All the staff is very courteous and professional."
Jul 21, 2021
"Jackson Physical Therapy is the best!! The staff treat you sooo nice, they all take their time out to answer any questions you have and make sure you have all the answers..Michael and Danielle are the best.. Thank you to the whole crew at Jackson!!!"
Jul 14, 2021
"These people are amazing and very friendly. They do their job. They always take of me. Micheal F. really did a very good job. Thank you all for helping me. I’ll feel excellent."
Jul 13, 2021
"great treatment, shoulder feels much better. "
Jun 01, 2021
"This place is absolute FANTASTIC!!! The staff is amazing! The locations are very clean! Everyone is really friendly and better yet, they are helping get back on my feet! I would recommend this place to anyone and everyone! "
May 12, 2021
"When I sustained a spiral fracture above my right ankle, the pain of being immobilized hurt even WORSE than the broken bones. The professionals at Jackson Physical Therapy understood the technical requirements for my recovery. But more than that, they treated me with kindness and empathy. After only a few visits, I felt stronger and really looked forward to my appointments. I will absolutely recommend them to anyone who gets injured. Thanks so much for getting me back on my feet! Literally.  "
Apr 08, 2021
"I followed Dannielle to the Centennial location because she was pivotal in diagnosing me as having tennis elbow. Getting treatment for that was the turning point on my road to recovery. She’s now helping me with the other problems that I’ve been suffering with for many years. Melissa, Hazel, Charles and Michael along with Dannielle have shown me their compassionate kindness with each and every visit. Their smiles and passion always turn my day into a positive one. I’m thankful for Jackson Physical Therapy in putting their team together."
Mar 22, 2021
"I am a total knee replacement(TKR) patient. I had nothing but happy faces and warm greetings from the staff at the Centennial location. They are kind, patient, and respectful to everyone. I noticed how they work as a team and are very professional with each other. They treat us like family, as anyone would want, in a setting of healing and compassion. I just want to say thank you for listening and allowing me to vent about my day as I gain my independence. "
Mar 04, 2021
"I would like to take the time to talk about the professional staff and my experience with Jackson Physical Therapy. From the minute your greeted by Samantha and Nayel at the front desk, they make you feel welcome. The gym staff, Anna, AJ, Ayyoob, and Jimmy work with you one on one to attain your goals. They challenge and encourage you to succeed. The gym staff keeps the equipment clean and sanitized before each use. Strict health guidelines for Covid-19 are followed. They are courteous, friendly and caring. Casey and Mike your therapist's work with you setting personal goals to achieve your maximum mobility. Your accessed again and changes are made to maximize your physical potential. I would recommend Jackson Physical Therapy highly. They all work as a team for your personal màximum physical ability. Sincerely, Mark Schlagheck"
Nov 02, 2020
"I am a patient of JPT at the Durango location. I would like to tell you about my experience as a patient. You are greeted at the front desk by two very capable and friendly employees, Samantha and Nayel. In the gym area where the hands on physical therapy happens Anna, AJ, Ayoob, and Jimmy carryout the instructions from the Physical Therapist's Casey and Mike. The entire staff is helpful, diligent, caring and always has your interest at heart. Aubrey handles the insurance headaches for you. I would recommend JPT for your physicall therapy needs. The staff is friendly always looking forward to have a meaningful conversation with you and they care. P.S. the staff is constantly sanitizing the equipment and massage rooms for you safety. So enjoy your experience knowing your safety and piece of mind is there priority."
Oct 26, 2020
"I was impressed with the cleanliness of the facility on Durango. All of the employees were friendly and courteous. My therapy sessions included contact with multiple people and I found each one knowledgeable and eager to take care of me. I would highly recommend Jackson Physical Therapy. "
Oct 15, 2020
"" I have lived in Las Vegas for 45 years and at my age have had a few mishaps, I've had to visit Physical Therapy more times than I wish, however I can honestly say the staff at the Centennial location became family to me. Melissa, Danielle, Hazel, Daniel, treated me like I was the only patient they had. I was discharged yesterday, but I will be visiting them often. Keep up the GOOD WORK, as Jackson Physical Therapy is like no other!!" Betty Johnson"
Oct 14, 2020
"I have been working with Jackson Physical Therapy for about a year now was in solved in auto crashes where i was injured and needed Therapy to fully Recover from my injuries. I had been to other facilities and they just don't compare to Jackson in Centennial. The staff is wonderful .I have never had better custormer relations then with the staff . I know all of them by name and feel more the just customer/employee relationship. The are all on my Christmas card List."
Oct 07, 2020
"Very friendly staff ! Love the girls at the front desk ! "
Oct 02, 2020
"Went in for my shoulder pain and within a month was feeling so much better. Super staff, very friendly and kind. "
Mar 19, 2020
"What a wonderful place to do rehab and, believe it or not, the staff is even better. The facility is spacious and clean, and packed with all of the equipment that one needs to do physical therapy. On top of this, each person that I encountered was professional and kind while helping me, working to achieve the maximum during our sessions. If ever I must return to do PT I surely hope it is with Jackson PT-Centennial. Also, it would be great to work with the people who played such an important role in my recent recovery (special shout out to Danielle, Michael, Hazel and Melissa). Brandon, you have a fabulous group here!"
Feb 27, 2020
"I have been going their for six weeks, they keep everything very very clean. They have a very personal staff, starting in the reception area, Mariah and Tiffany , to all the staff getting you better...Merianne, Gabrial, Jake, Bart. I had knee replacement and they have done a great job of getting me back to normal... it is a process... hurts sometimes.. but that's what it takes to get you back...thanks a lot for all your help....Steven"
Oct 09, 2019
"6/7/2019 I Could kiss my good doctor for sending me to Jackson Physical Therapy in Henderson. My lower back has been giving me a lot of pan, a pain so bad I could not get out of bed without assistant and I could hardly walk. Mariah at the front desk was very helpful and she cheerfully explained the insurance process and the paperwork I had to fill out. The office is modern, well furnished and very clean. A gentleman patient sitting next to me was was giving me two thumbs up, then he said, " I love this place, you should try the massage.... Fantastic! " I thought to myself, Nice! I love this place already. A PTA called my name and with a great smile on his face says his name is Anthony. He is upbeat, kind and happy. He leads me to a neat and very clean massage room.The bed is always sterilized before another patient uses it. He puts ultrasound heat treatment on my aching back. It was perfect. Very soothing,I almost feel asleep. Kenny, a very nice soft spoken PTA, leads me to a state-of-the art exercise room, also very clean. PTA Angelica helps and assists me to do my exercise regiment making sure I do it correctly and efficiently and encourages me to do better. The massages were fantastic, all done by skilled professional physical therapists, Dr Bart, Mike, and Kevin.You guys totally Rock! I feel a lot better now. I can walk straight and I can get out of bed with no assistant. YAY! My thanks and appreciation to the staff. You are all very caring,very kind, upbeat, funny, helpful, hard workers, I could go on and on... Jackson Physical Therapy... you deserve at 10!"
Jun 08, 2019
"The very best therapy group I have been to. Knowledgeable, professional, and truely care from the front desk to the therapy staff. Smiles all around! Beautiful and spotless facility. Would not think of going anywhere else."
May 31, 2019
"The staff are very friendly and accommodating."
Mar 29, 2019
"Awesome place to rehab those old body parts that don't quite work like the used to! Everyone there has been so kind, friendly, helpful and patient with me. Will ALWAYS come back!"
Mar 29, 2019
"They are awesome! Very friendly and helpful. "
Mar 29, 2019
"The entire staff is very professional & courteous."
Mar 29, 2019
"I would recommend Jackson Physical therapy. They are very friendly and make you feel welcome. Big thums up. "
Mar 13, 2019
"I go to Durango branch. I find everybody very friendly & helpful that will makes you feel comfortable To name a few. From physical therapist Danielle , Austin . Joshua & practically everybody there. I can recommend them to anybody who needs therapy. "
Jan 31, 2019
"Extremely wonderful experience every single time!! Amazing staff!"
Jan 29, 2019
Jan 24, 2019
"I’m very happy my doctor had me go to Jackson’s physical therapy their wonderful!! Bart is the best thank you so much I feel great "
Jan 18, 2019
"The the staff ..I wanna thank you for all the support and direction in getting my leg back to normal..It's always a good experience when I visit..if I can only come 5 times a week ...sign me up !!! Compliance!!! "
Jan 14, 2019
"Love the staff and PT , Bart , and Ray Went in with a sciatic pain from an injury, from 30 years ago and they're working it out! Thought I would need a new hip, but the work they are doing to assist with the pain, has given me new hope! Thank you! "
Dec 08, 2017
"All the techs at Jackson are amazing. A shout out to Ray who takes great care of me when I come in for my PT. RAY ROCKS!!"
Dec 05, 2017


I just wanted to take the time to "Thank you" for what you have done for me these past several months with helping me to regain my physical health with your expertise. I came to your office in January 2010, not a happy person due to the constant pain I was having with my back, I felt pretty helpless at that time and was feeling unsure about my future due to my ailment. I was a bit of a complicated "case" having a previous spinal surgery 10+ years ago on a separate area of my spine and now having a new diagnosis of my lower spine with the "threat" of major surgery looming over my head.

Well, with your plan of action that was truly "spot on", and the instructions and planning you set up for me for treatment with your superior staff, I have now attained a state of improved "spinal" health and stability that seemed unforeseen many months ago. With the knowledge that I now have with my preventative regiment that you have educated me on I feel I can maintain my current status and put off surgery possibly forever, (I hope so anyway!)

You are in a class above the rest in your field, thank you for everything.


D. Schneider

I was introduced to Jackson Physical Therapy by a relative, who was a patient. Brandon Jackson, the head therapist and owner, is a people person who goes that extra mile with each and every one of his patients. Brandon was extremely knowledgeable and helpful in determining which therapy treatment was right for me. He examines and talks with his patients every day before they begin their therapy sessions to determine if there have been any changes in progression and thus, adjusts their therapy accordingly.

Also, all members of the staff embrace each patient as a member of the "Jackson family". They are always cheerful, patient, courteous and above all, caring for the individual client's well being. A happy and caring environment is very important toward physical recovery!

We the patients, enjoy our therapy sessions because, at Jackson Physical Therapy, the staff combines their expertise and caring with patient input, to design a therapy program tailored to fit your individual needs. I recommend that anyone who needs therapy, should enjoy the Great Atmosphere and Experience at Jackson Physical Therapy. From the time you enter to the time you leave, you are made to feel truly welcome.

R. Howard

My opinion of Jackson Physical Therapy can be summed up in one word - SUPER!

I believe it's natural for any patient approaching a physical therapy facility for an evaluation, to be apprehensive and nervous. I know I was. However, in the comfortable surroundings of Jackson, I was put at ease in no time as the friendly, well-trained staff took over.

The therapy program designed for my personal requirements and capabilities is thorough and proving to be successful. There is always a professional present to guide me through each phase of my program and I am steadily making progress.

It is my opinion that Jackson offers the ultimate in total physical therapy and the man responsible for operating this successful facility is Mr. Brandon Jackson, the owner of Jackson Physical Therapy.

R. Fugarino

As we rush through our daily lives, we often forget to acquaint ourselves with people who care deeply about our health and well-being. However I have found the staff at Jacksons Physical Therapy clinic are all this and more, professional while caring. So I would personally recommend them to anyone needing therapy.

S. Evans

To Brandon and all your staff.

My sincere thanks to all of you for helping to get this old body of mine up and running again!!

You have a wonderful facility and a terrific bunch of people who work for you. Again, all my thanks and appreciation.

Kindest regards,


I would like to share my experience that I have encountered with Jackson Physical Therapy. I was referred to Brandon due to a car accident I was in. The atmosphere in his office makes you forget you are there for treatment. His staff makes you feel very comfortable when you are there. As a first time patient to physical therapy, I was nervous, with my first initial visit with Brandon. I was reassured my questions will always be answered and explained. Overall I am very pleased with Brandon and his staff.

D. Yafchak